Replacement Campus IC Card

Inactivation of In-Campus Services and Replacement Procedures
Loss of Campus IC Card:If you are sure your card is lost or seriously damaged, apply Loss of Campus IC Card.Please contact card provider units in person for Campus IC Card replacement.Applicants should pay for card-replacement fee.
EasyCard Inactivation and Refund Procedure
1. Contact card provider units and fill out Refund Application Form.
Fill out cardholder’s contact information.
In telegraphic transfer: Please fill out Refund Application Form along with telegraphic transfer information.
Email or fax “Refund Application Form” to EasyCard
EasyCard Corporation Information Email: Fax No.: (02-2652-Digital Student ID Line: 02-2652-9782
EasyCard Corporation does not provide instant approval response to refund request; thus,the cardholder shall bear the loss within six hours after his/her notification to the EasyCard Corporation.
The EasyCard Corporation will issue an “EasyCard Problem-Handling Report” to cardholders and the full refundable value will be transferred to your personal deposit account as indicated on your application form.
Take “EasyCard Problem-Handling Report” and personal ID to Taipei MRT tourist information windows or Taichung EasyCard service windows to process refund. For EasyCard service locations, please refer to https://www.
The cardholder will need to pay a handling charge of NT$20 and postage, which can be deducted from the disposable value.

Notifications&Consulting service

Notifications to pick up Campus IC Card
Please make sure the photo, name, student number (employee number) on your Campus IC Card are correct.
To activate Campus IC Card: To ensure the security of your Campus IC Card, please activate your card immediately after receiving replaced IC card.Replaced Campus IC Card needs to be activated after being picked up.
Please keep your Campus IC Card in a safe place. If Campus IC Card is lost, damaged and necessary to be replaced, please go to to file inactivation procedure,pay replacement fee, and pick up your new card.
If you are a staff or faculty, this card serves as your Employee ID; If you are a student, this card serves as your Student ID.
Consulting service
Student ID
  • Users
    • Mater,PhD students
    • Undergraduates
    • Extension students
    • Exchange students
  • Contacts
    • Registrar Office, Office of Academic Affairs
    • (04)23590121 ext.22101-22113
  • Users
    • Chinese Language Center Students
  • Contacts
    • Chinese Language Center
    • (04)23590121 ext. 30127
Employee ID
  • Users
    • University
  • Contacts
    • Personnel Office
    • (04)23590121 ext. 28300
  • Users
    • Faculty and staffs of the Affiliated Experimental High School of Tunghai University
  • Contacts
    • Personnel Office of the Affiliated Experimental High School of Tunghai University
    • (04)23590269 ext. 600
Employee ID
  • Users
    • Project assistants, Teaching Excellence Project assistants
  • Contacts
    • ITService
    • (04)23590121 ext. 30225


Campus IC Card integrates campus administrative system, EasyCard service management system, and access control management system into one card. Apart from identification verification, Campus IC Card is used to access campus, student motorbike parking lots, libraries, and it serves as an e-ticket to public transport and is equipped with small-amount consume function.
  • In-Campus Applications
    1. Verifying ID: Campus IC Card bear prominent and hidden information. It can verify and register ID.
    2. Library book borrowing and returning: Tunghai students, faculty and staffs can loan books by scanning the barcode on their IC Card in General Library and Management College Library.
    3. Access control management: After activating IC Card, Tunghai students, faculty and staffs can enter and leave library, second campus buildings, dormitory 30, dormitory 19, dormitory in second campus, girls’ dormitory, creative lab in Department of Information Management, Department of Architecture, Department of Fine Arts and Music, Food Processing Factory, and ITService Center.
  • Off-Campus Applications Tunghai Campus IC Card serves as an e-ticket for public transport and cardholders can pay small amount of money with this card. For detailed information and favorable offers, please refer to :
    1. 悠遊卡公司
    2. 台中市政府交通局


About EasyCard
EasyCard is a 'touch-and-go' IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies. Just pass the card over the sensor area to make a transaction, avoiding hassles with finding correct change. As value can be added to the card at any time, there is no need to repeatedly purchasing new cards. An EasyCard can be used for years and its ultimate aim is to allow people to travel throughout Taiwan with only one card.